We want to train and equip individuals to take ministries outside of the four walls. The training starts at our church. We engage in several programs throughout the week — each crafted to teach, inspire, and empower. The programs include, but are not limited to, the following:


Character club

For: Ages 3–10

Time: Saturday 7PM–9PM

Character Club is designed for kids aged 3–14. This program concentrates on teaching children valuable character traits while helping them refine their skills and letting them get creative with crafts.

The main purpose of this program is to teach our children about Christ and how to live a Christian life. We encourage them to build good characteristics based on Biblical principles and we teach them how to face real-life situations in friendships and school. We also encourage them to share their faith in Christ with other children.

We follow a curriculum crafted by the Character Club team. The curriculum is fully based on the Bible — with stories, word puzzles, memory verses, and creative illustrations. We invite you to bring your children next Saturday afternoon and celebrate the development of their character.

Kids 4 christ

For: Ages 3-10

Time: Sunday 11:45AM–12:45PM

Kids for Christ is our Children’s Church program, conducted during our Sunday morning worship service. Kids are split into two age groups: The Discoverers are from ages 3 to 5 and The Explorers are from ages 6 to 10.

The Discoverers are given answers to many of their curious questions. The Explorers are introduced to the fundamental and basic doctrines of our faith, which include salvation only through the Lord Jesus Christ, following this faith in obeying immersion baptism, and awaiting for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Young adults


For: College Students | Young Adults

Time Alternate Tuesdays 7:30PM-9PM

Break Free was created to inspire young people and give them a midweek escape from the forms of chaos around them everyday.

Launched in 2006 by a small group of creative and bold youth, Break Free has taken many unique turns in providing young adults a space to gather freely for worship and Word. Every month, the leadership team crafts a new creative series that tackle diverse subjects. The house band and a plethora of great speakers are always in the mix — from evangelists, worship leaders, poets, artists, filmmakers and more.

Youth 4 christ

For: College Students | Young Adults

Time: Saturdays 7PM-9PM

The youth of this generation are the future leaders of our community. We understand the importance of equipping and training them to stand in the midst of the trials and temptations of today. They are bombarded by propaganda, peer pressure and societal expectations — the issues exacerbated by round-the-clock news cycles and media at their fingertips. We must take a firm stand to instill the foundation of Christ in their hearts. On Saturday nights, we do just that.


Mens 4 christ

Participants in this prayer wing are typically the married men of our church. We conduct these meetings at the residences of our member families with the intention of praying intensely — for our church, families, and our cities and towns. Since the main focus is on prayer, there is often no formal preaching at these events. The format includes prayer and worship. Almost all the matters we have brought to the Lord in the late night hours have been answered.

women 4 christ

This ministry is focused primarily on praying for church members and the various prayer requests of others. The women in this wing gather at the church and at various residences of church members on a monthly basis. They gather to spend time in prayer and worship. This ministry also supports many charitable initiatives and involved in church planting.  Currently this ministry has helped pioneer 3 churches in Bihar, India. This ministry brings togetherness and a sense of caring among our sisters.


Cell prayer

These groups were framed with prayer and fellowship in mind. Organized into peer groups, they each provide a small group forum which suits any individual or family. Cell Prayer groups gather once every month.

The 5 Youth groups are comprised of 3 groups for girls — El Shaddi, El Labbah, and El Roi — and 2 groups for boys — Jehovah Rapha, and Jehovah Shammah. These groups each have internal sub-groups, intended to tailor adequate small group leadership & mentoring. Youth ministers of the church play an integral part in the leadership of these groups, developing the designated leaders who work with them. Youth group members range from professional singles to pre-teens.  

The 6 Adult groups are lead by the Elders and various leaders to maintain fellowship and unity in the body of Christ.